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Avoiding the Eleventh-Hour Technology Disaster

Imagine if this happened to you:
A tender is due tomorrow morning. There is a lot of money involved with this one, providing you win, and it is submitted on time. It is last minute, and you are working into the late hours of the night on the night prior to the deadline.

But, your estimating software is down, and you can’t progress any further! What do you do?
Most people don’t think about IT Support until it is 8pm on a Friday night and you need help desperately.

You need the software fixed urgently so that the tender can be submitted on time. It is important to have expert assistance with a deep knowledge of Construction software available after hours, rather than fumbling your way through and wasting valuable time.

The opportunity cost in terms of trying to fix it yourself is too great.

Consider this real-life example:
Matt was working late on a tender. It was due the next morning and his estimating software was not working on the server.
Understandably stressed out by the situation, he contacted our helpdesk asking for urgent assistance. Our IT Engineer had the software up and running in a few hours, and Matt was able to submit the tender on time. Subsequently he won the tender, worth millions of dollars.

Because our Senior IT Engineer reacted quickly and had an in-depth experience with the software and IT Infrastructure, he was able to start troubleshooting early. Having direct lines to the software vendor, he could then use his intimate knowledge of the Construction costing software to solve the issue promptly. Without that sort of support Matt may not have submitted the tender in time and won the multi-million-dollar project.
When you are in the process of looking for an IT Managed Service Provider, use the following guide so you can ensure your sales pipeline is not interrupted:

1. Make sure they have support outside of business hours: Let’s face it, sometimes you need that support when you are working late at night or early in the morning to get that tender in.
2. Their response time for critical events need to be within 15 minutes. 1 hour and over can be too long when a tender is due in 45m.
3. Confirm they have experience supporting your Estimating software or a very a similar product. This will be critical so they can fix it when it is broken.

You’ve done it, you’ve built a successful construction company from the ground up. You have a great team, developed a great brand reputation, and everything is smooth sailing. That is, until you can’t find that all-important file that you need urgently, the server goes down leading to a missed tender submission or, worse, you can’t get your data back online.

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